New Batman Writer

This should be right in his wheelhouse


I’m stoked! It’s also launching on my Grammy’s birthday!


Oh now that’s a serious upgrade!


Awe, excited, but was hoping Williamson would get more issues

I think Williamson was a stop gap, as he is writing SO MUCH at DC right now.


You know the creative juices are just flowing when they describe the new villain Failsafe as, “Failsafe is his Doomsday.”

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I suppose it’s not “Secureline” or some such, so this is an upgrade.

Isn’t/wasn’t Bane “Batman’s Doomsday”?

Maybe this guy is the next Miles. Someone had to say it :crazy_face:

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Maybe a Gay Batman and Baby mama story for Dick Grayson story. Finish them off showing up at a Jerry Springer show to air their issues. Now that would be an original. Maybe they can do a renumbering in the process.

I don’t think Failsafe is a person. It’s an event of some sort.

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