New boba fett series (possibly)

Posted 2-15-2021 is excited to reveal a mysterious and striking teaser image from Marvel featuring the legendary bounty hunter. Check it out below!

Fett is depicted with a blaster in one hand and a spear in the other, standing in front of a wall that looks shelled from heavy fire. The words “Boba Fett…Nowhere to Hide” grace the bottom of the teaser.

But what does it all mean? Come back to tomorrow to find out.


McNiven? Interesting…

Had me at McNiven!
Guy is a great artist and super nice fellow. Went completely out of his way one time to do a nice thing for my son.

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So surprised this is a Boba Fett book. What the hell is Marvel doing with Mando? A Mando book right now would sell 200,000 copies. I mean, look what High Republic did? Wonder if they are waiting to release Mando closer to the next season when excitement is building.


Or introduce Mando in this series for a solo launch? How often does Star Wars introduce new characters in there debut solo title? Arent they usually introduced in another title first? Dr. Aphra comes to mind for one. Not to knowledgeable to know of others. @drunkwooky some help? LoL

Not often is my general answer. If I had to pick a character to break that trend, it would be Mando. He’s established enough that it could launch without much fabricated hype at all.

I do know that Lucasfilm’s story crew do their best to keep books, comics and other media from stepping on the toes of the major story beats of the movies and now shows. That’s probably why a Mandalorian comic didn’t come out immediately that first October.

I thought I heard somewhere they were making a Mando comic not sure how valid it is. This Boba comic is probably gonna get a billion store variants


A billion try a TRILLION lmao. This books gonna have all kind of store variants.

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I’m in the minority I suppose of someone who doesn’t want a Mando comic (yet). Part of the great fun in the series is “not” knowing all that much about him or his exploits. Anything they put in a comic becomes canon and can have a bit of wrinkle in time effect.
Anyplace he would travel, denizens he encounters, etc, etc.
I have so much Star Wars already… I’m good with the selfishness of just a show with him.


I feel the same. Leave Mando as a show only…

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I’m alright with that as well.

Extreme Boba Fett

I would only like the Mando book if it starts as the foundling… once hes rescued by Deathwatch. Do the series up until the show or the inbetweens of the show. But I understand you guys wanting it as show only.

When do you guys think it’s going to take place? Same timeline as The Mandalorian? Because we could get some cool first appearances like Fennec Shand, Cobb Vanth or even Mando.

I think it’s going to be before he fell in the Sarlaac pit in ROTJ. Looks like the Wookiee braids over his right shoulder didn’t survive the sarlaac’s digestive system:

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They made the Wookiee braids no longer cannon because they don’t want to have to say “no wookiees were harmed in the filming of this movie”

You cannot erase our tragedy. You cannot erase our history. You cannot erase our culture.

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Well, my bet is that Soule is writing it:

I’m down for a Boba Fett book. I didn’t really like The Bounty Hunters. And I would be nice to get more in deep with his story.

Looks like this is not a new ongoing series, but a 5 issue limited run that will cross over into the other SW titles. “War of the Bounty Hunters.”

Maybe this is the Mando cameo series.

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