New Book of Boba Fett Nerf EE-3 Blaster

Was going to order it, but I’ll be cheap and say I feel the price is a bit high lol. I’ll spend the money on something else. I would have fun with the grand daughter with it though.


But Id buy it only for the packaging artwork…

I bought two $14 Lightsaber Forge lightsabers over the weekend. In terms of dollars to fun value, those things are out of hand cool!

$14 for a lightsaber with lights and sounds, interchangeable hilt parts for mixing and matching, and tough plastic blades to stand up to a beating? I’m sold.

I had hours of fun slashing at each other with my daughter this weekend.


Gives new meaning to Nerf-Herder.

At least you’re not scruffy looking.

Hardest pass ever. These companies are just ridiculous nowdays.

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