New Comic Series First Appearance Question

Sorry if this is another noob question, but I read a lot indy comics, not so much the DC and Marvel character stuff…however… As far as first appearances go… in the Indy stuff, most sites don’t list a character, or characters as first appearances. For instance, the new Crossover series…I’m liking it a lot, and say it eventually got a series or super popular, do the collectors go back and say, “oh, here is Ellies’ first appearance!”? Or does it just not happen that often?

Strange Academy, however, their first issue lists out all the first appearances and is pretty common across all sites.

Just curious, what makes a site identify a first appearance vs not listing them at all?

Depends on the series, if it’s ongoing and if it gets a certain following with the characters becoming prominent or not within the story itself.

Marvel and DC are different beasts since they’re already established with their universes, shows, movies and such. So firsts are usually tracked from the get go since the comics are normally the first source the characters show up.

Yeah it’s not to often that Indies first appearances are listed. I mean there are exceptions like The Walking Dead but that’s not the norm. Usually just the first issues heat up. I preview preorder and it’s mostly Indy Number 1’s although I’ll usually get the first 3 minimum as the print numbers dramatically drop off after the first issues and sets sell really well in those cases.

A good example you could look at is Something is Killing the Children. Older cgc books, that were done when the book first came out do not list the first appearance of Erica Slaughter while the new labels do list it. Only putting it on later now that the series is a hit.

Sometimes they don’t even list first appearances in Marvel/DC books, look at first Robin King took a while to get on their and even Cad Bane in Darth Maul #2 (marvel).

These are CGC labels, but websites do the same thing.

Thanks for the info all. Appreciate it.

Yeah it really has to be a “hot indy” before people start listing out first appearances. Or if a character from an Indy series first appeared in another series, they will list it out.

Also, man, do not worry about asking “noob questions” all are welcome and you will find people here are nice and willing to help out.


We’re all noobs… always something new to learn… :wink:


haha yeah well i’m a super noob…always collected baseball cards and tcg’s, never comics. Pandemic hit and I was bored…my wife found a score on facebook, I took a chance and ended up netting about $1500 after all was said and done…this was in March…9 months later and I have over $22,000 in comics somehow… what did i get myself into!

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I have 40,000 comics. They take up a lot more space than cards do. I was just reading how card collecting has made a huge resurgence during the pandemic. Anyway welcome man. Glad you are here. Good wife you got.