New CW Batwoman cast

So when does Ryan Wilder make her debut in comics…?

That hair? I love it… I got a thing for big poofy curly hair like that… Ssshhhh… don’t tell the wife!

So I was reading theories and one is the name Ryan Wilder is just a trick name to conceal who she actually may be. One that was thrown out that makes sense is Harper Row who first appeared in Scott Snyder’s run on Batman in Batman Vol.2 #7

And why does this person make sense?

Either way, can probably find this at cover in most shops. Cheap spec if you find in high grade.

The character is going to be a lesbian Harper Row is a lesbian (or bisexual at least, but was thinking she is a lesbian)

They used a fake name before when they were introducing Dinah to the shows.

Heard that part. I just didn’t know the link to Harper Row. Got it now, thanks.

Not a problem.