New Eternals Art

I guess a calendar leaked. Art looks, um…special. How else do I say this diplomatically?

:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I was going to say “they went with the lowest bid.”

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“How not to make people enthusiastic about your movie” the calendar.

Looks pretty bad

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That can’t be a real leak. Can it?

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Looks like amateur horseshit.

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This looks awesome… after a whole bunch of beers.

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There is no way this is real. All the lighting on the actors are from different light sources.

Proving yet again that Salma Hayek is still incredibly beautiful even in the worst of conditions. :slight_smile:


Who uses or buys paper calendars nowadays anyways? That was so last century…

We have a paper calendar hung-up on our front door we write important appointments on. We are millennials though. I doubt GenZ uses physical calendars.

My wife used a calendar she hung up by her desk at home up until like 2014 or so… She complained to me when I’d miss things… I’m like, how am I suppose to know? She would reply, “I put it on the calendar?”… my response is, “How am I suppose to look at the calendar when I’m not at home and at work? Does you’re calendar send out notification reminders?” I think that was around the final point where I got her to start putting the damn shit on the shared google calendar I created and was putting important things… :wink:

Only thing a paper calendar is still good for is highlighting payday to give you some small, shard like glimmer of happiness as you fumble about your work place.

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Looks like they just put a filter over a photo.

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Yeah, kind of a lazy job.

I use both a physical and electronic calendar for business scheduling

Chloe Zhao just won a Golden Globe for Best Director (and her movie, Nomadland, won Best Picture).

This movie is in good hands

Yeah, wouldn’t judge a movie based on the calendar art…

It kind of looks like someone got
cropped in, lol.