New "Fan Favorite Star Wars Black Series figures from Legends Comics: Jaxxon, Carnor Jax, Luke, Maul Apprentice

I’m really excited about these in spite of the fact Hasbro totally failed on Carnor Jax. He’s dressed as Kir Kanos and has artwork of Kir Kanos in on the box.

Pre-orders open up at major retailers tomorrow 3/19 at 10 AM Pacific.

Finally “Carnor Jax”:

Except Carnor Jax looks like this:


and Kir Kanos looks like this:


So you are saying the did the wrong character name on the package perhaps

Maul will be going on my toy mantle. :100:

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Saying it that way would paint Hasbro in the least inept way of the choices I presume.

To say they thought they were creating Carnor Jax yet plastered the box with Kir Kanos and made it looks like Kir Kanos would be to admit that they aren’t even paying attention to what they’re producing and not even doing basic due diligence on the character. Either that or just plain not giving a shit and hoping people don’t notice.

A Jax figure,huh? I have a feeling he will make his way to D+ at some point.

Why do people keep saying “at some point this character will be in a Tv show or movie” ??? Thats not a selling point for a character and its NOT even proper speculation. All you’re doing is pumping (and lying) a character to sell books/action figures/etc…

You do realize that ANY character that Disney owns can be in a tv show or movie, right…??? I might as well list all my comics with 1st appearances on Ebay and put POSSIBLY IN A D+ SERIES SOON in the titles…smh

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I’m lying? Where’s the lie? For one it is proper speculation when a little known character is all of a sudden brought into the limelight. Disney is about making money. They will always make money with their main characters but when I see them interested in small time characters that have been around a while that most people never even heard of to me there is good reason to think they may be starting to hype it. It is all guesswork, That’s what speculation is.

With the Boba Fett series on the horizon this character might be a good fit to make an appearance. He is a smuggler and a fan favorite that is seeing some love from lately. That’s good enough for me to start thinking ahead… Maybe it will happen and maybe it won’t and no I am NOT pumping anything. Right now I own two copies of his first appearance. That’s it. I may get more if I see them at a good price just in case he is brought to D+.

If I think something is a good fit for a movie or television show appearance I won’t hold back on it. I’ll give my two cents. That’s not lying or pumping. Some would call it speculating or giving an opinion. No one has to take it at face value. It is what it is.


For what it’s worth Jaxxon has never been in a canon comic or other media.

No-cloak shredded Darth Maul with that intimidating look. I wonder why they decided to not include the cloak/robes.

It’s depicting Maul from Marz’ 2000 Darth Maul mini series. Beyond that, they’ve released and re-released robed maul 4-5 times already, so they probably took this opportunity to release a shirtless maul showing his body tattoos.

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Pre-orders are Live:

I thought they did a story with him a few years ago that is considered cannon. I’ll have to check on that one. If not he would have a clean slate moving forward. Personally, I would enjoy how they approach him as a live action character… Fingers crossed.

Oh, the IDW issue. Yes. Yes, that’s Canon. “The Lost Eggs of Livorno”— Star Wars Adventures Annual 2018 (First appearance in canon)

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Live action looking something like this:

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I would hope somewhere along that line…the green Bugs Bunny look wouldn’t do well if ever brought to live action.

I ordered Maul & Luke dont know the others.

It’s ok, Hasbro doesn’t know the difference between Carnor Jax and Kir Kano either anyway. Hey-o!!!

Ok, so this is from Hasbro Pulse on their official website:

  • Training himself in the ways of the dark side of the Force, Carnor Jax became one of the most formidable members of the Imperial Guard. He betrayed his brotherhood by usurping the Imperial throne.

Ascending to the Imperial Throne is Carnor Jax’s storyline. So, they wrote ad copy for Carnor Jax.

That text is also on the inside flap of the box image:

So, at some point, they definitely intended on making a Carnor Jax figure. They just ended up making Kir Kanos by mistake. Either that or the figure was designed and made to look like Kir Kanos, then the wrong name somehow made it into the copy writer’s inbox and they wrote the copy after researching Carnor Jax’s story.

You should email them and see what they say

That crusty bunny is straight nightmare fuel