New Gods. Now what?

Now that the New Gods movie has been canceled what about all that once awesome spec?

For a while, more than a few years back DC spec was almost as high priority as Marvel. Over the past half decade or so that changed. Marvel is king of comic book/movie/TV show spec and that isn’t going to change any time soon.

So, now what happens to any New Gods speculation that may have re-ignited over the past year when the film was first announced? Well, in my opinion if you own those keys don’t sell unless you have to. Put them back in the slow burn box and hold them. If you missed the first boat on them it might be a good idea to wait a few months and when the prices are low grab what you can.

I do think it is only a matter of time before a New Gods movie/show is made or at the very least the main characters are used in other film properties.

New Gods #1, Jimmy Olsen #134, Forever People #1, Mister Miracle #1, 2, 4 & 6 may see low prices that we haven’t seen in a while so keep a look out for them in case they become affordable in high grades again.

As an example there was a time when Shazam #28 went nuts when the Rock was first rumored to play Black Adam. That was like six or seven years ago if I remember correctly. When all that stalled the book got crazy cheap for a year or two then when the rumors started again and now with full confirmation the book is at all time high prices.

I can see something like that in store for some of the New God keys. Again, just my opinion especially if the franchise sits in limbo for a lengthy period of time.


They really don’t seem like they have any sort of direction at all.


Of course the movie is canceled, I just bought a copy of Mister Miracle 1, 4 and New Gods 1! Lol oh well, at least they were low grade and I’ll happily keep them in the PC


Not one bit. Zero direction. Maybe after the Snyder cut, WB execs finally got a clue and maybe, just maybe are starting to think of a bigger more structured picture. They really need to give full control of the DC film division over to Snyder. We might get a really good, exciting, structured group of films that lead into a years long, ten film story arch that the fans actually want… Fingers crossed but a long-shot at best.

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Still good books to have. Kirby greatness with long term potential!

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IF the Eternals does really well I can see another green light for the New Gods soon after.

The Trench ;_;

Darkseid isn’t… :frowning:


DC rn

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I bet it’s because they are going to move forward with a Justice League sequel after finally releasing a great comic book movie.

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What movie was that?

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The Snyder Cut is far from great, cut an hour out of that movie and it would be decent.

I liked the Snyder cut…even though I had to watch in in parts. It still showed signs that if led in one direction the DC cinematic universe could be pretty compelling.


It just shows what a low bar DC movies have. Cut the epilogue, the Martian Manhunter stuff, and maybe another 30 minutes and its a decent movie. As is its still a stinker.

I got creamed on Harley Quinns. Dust off , and stay in the ring.