New Iron Fist Coming In Contagion

The next big Marvel event Contagion appears to introduce a new holder of the fist. Here’s the cover for Contagion #3

OOO Snap … i have to look through my back issues but i think her first appearance is in Immortal Iron Fist … i dont remember which one. But Danny fights off hordes of robot ninjas to protect her.

Are you thinking of Pei from Iron Fist Living Weapon 1?

I don’t know much about the character but it looks like she’s wearing the same track suit in Alana’s post as the pic on her wiki Fandom page.

Looks about right to me.

I knew I seen her before.

Ok read all 12 Immortal Weapons she becomes Iron Fist in #11

Immortal Weapon or Living Weapon? I haven’t really read Iron Fist and so I’m unfamiliar with which titles pertain to which storylines. And aren’t immortals also living but not necessarily the other way around? (Vampires not withstanding.)

If “Living Weapon,” how is the series? I don’t know how I feel about Kaaree Andrews. Some days I dig Andrews’ art; some days I don’t. “Immortal” is on Comixology Unlimited but “Living” is not.

And is it me or does the idea of Contagion seem to be a bit too similar in concept to DCeased to be released in the same year? At least DC waited awhile since the last Marvel Zombies. As I type this I see how ridiculous my observation is because everyone borrows from everyone else. My comment is on how close in time these two stories lines are.

Perhaps I’m just a grumpy old man sitting from the porch of Time seeing the inevitable cyclicality of it all and complaining because deep down inside I’m just not ready to be rebooted to be all new and all different.