New JeeHyung Lee Spider-Gwen Print Limited to 350

I just realized, never had a statues category so just lumped it in with the Toys and Action Figures.

Yeah and this is a print, so it’s not quite a comic, toy, or statue.

Oh snap, I saw sideshow collectibles and immediately thought statue… damn you for not assigning a category then, It’s all your fault.

It’s “General” then…

Hey Poyo aren’t you adding this to your Gwen collection?

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Yes, I keep all my Gwen collectibles in the garbage. Every week, they happily pick them up to store them securely at the local dump.



What ya got against Gwen?

Ya gonna have to go read a whole lot of comments on the main site…

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It’s Poyo’s secret crush but doesn’t like to admit it lol.