New LEGO Pre-Orders at Entertainment Earth-Bad Batch Attack Shuttle Mandalorian Starfighter

I want a lot of these new sets. Hoping to snag eventually at 20% off. Pre Covid it would be more off, but 20% is what you usually have to settle on now.

I’m really tempted by the Duel on Mandalore!

Nice sets. I might get some for my boys.

My oldest made a grenade out of Legos this weekend. It even has a pulling pin and loosed Legos inside. It looks cool.

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Dang. That’s cool! My daughter made a double-decker DUPLO train. She’s finally getting into blocks at 2 1/2.


That’s cool. If she keeps at it she might be an engineer.

Like the driver of the train or somebody who designs trains? My dad is an aviation engineer. Designed gear boxes for the F-22. No idea what he’s doing now. Never really knew what he was doing until a few years after de-classification at any given time.


More like a designer.

Wow. That’s crazy cool.

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It’s a great set! I sometimes let the force sway me with the Target Visa Redcard 5% off!