New Lord of the Rings movies in the works

Not sure if this has been posted on here yet, but I didn’t find anything. Multiple entertainment sources are reporting that New Lord of the Rings movies are going to be produced.

Well, as long as they are better than what Amazon has offered I’m game!

Lord of the Rings: New Movies in the Works at New Line – The Hollywood Reporter


That trilogy might be my favorite of all time; even surpassing Avengers 1, 3 & 4. It’s close. It’s like 1a and 1b for me.

That opening scene with the Balrog and Gandalf in the 2nd movie; like the second you start the movie; is just cinematic gold. My hair stood up and although I was hooked on the 1st movie; that beginning of the 2nd movie just slayed me


oh WB and New Line still collaborating… So what happens now to that Prime series, The Rings of Power? Curious.

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