New Mandalorian and Stormtrooper Galaxy of Adventure Bundle Available on Amazon


It’s sold out for the moment.

Quick questions. Does your LCS charge you more for a figure then what’s stated in MSRP? Say if the sifure is $24.99 they charge $34.99? Or something in that nature?

What I have noticed about my LCS is if I pre-order a figure I get it at MSRP but if I don’t, I pay what everyone else pays. For example. They had some 6" Boba Fett 40th Empire Strikes Back Kenner figure for $60. I forgot to order them at the $30 price (I think they where $30 need to double check) but that S#@T is crazy. Not going to play that much for a figure…

Yeah, that’s just like shops who jack up the prices of comics from the “cover price” on release day… I say, if you didn’t get it at the MSRP then find it elsewhere or cut your losses, there will be another figure another day… :wink:

That’s what I’ve been doing lol.

Buy in and percent return on figures is so so so so much high/lower respectively than comics.

Yeah. They have some original Kenner figures from $200-1000 depending on character and condition. They look nice, but not THAT nice lol…

I’m more talking about new releases. If a comic shop brings in a comic they’re unsure about, they buy like 5 copies and that’s about $5 sitting on the shelf at risk of not moving for months. If they bring in one Hasbro figure, that’s $15-20 per figure, probably towards the upper end as they aren’t ordering enough for a volume discount. You also can’t order single figures at wholesale, so you have to bring in a case and that’s $100-120, plus shipping. Boba Fett deluxe was packed on his own in a pick of 6. I could check pricing on it, but think it’s probably fair to assume his margin on those figures is $6-10. So, he has a lot of overhead hanging on those pegs. I feel sorry for the poor LCS owner who went long on Jar Jars. I love mine, but I know I’m in the minority.

I gotcha. It makes sence.