New Mortal Kombat 2021 Red Band Trailer Released


WOW…My 90’s wish finally came true!!! This $h!t looks epic!! Time to tie my flannel shirt around my waist, lace up my Yellow Dickie Boots, and spin my ball cap backwards…Its fighting time!!


Yay for Kung Lao!!!

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Just watched. This looks goooood. Finally true to the game combat. I’m low key hype.

Love it. Big MK fan.

Trailer looks awesome!

In case you missed out and are a MK fan highly enjoyed the recent animation movie
Mortal Kombat Legends Scorpions Revenge. :+1: :+1:

Sub-Zero freezing that blood spurt into another blade weapon-pro level brutal.


Looks over-the-top, which is fitting for, “Mortal Kombat.” As long as it is fun and full of crazy fighting it’ll be a good time.

I just watched the trailer about 6 times … HBO Max and Disney+ are keeping me as a subscriber.

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Yes. Loving that it is going to be on HBO+. And something else is dropping there soon just cannot remember what it was.


Godzilla/King Kong? I think it’s HBO Max

Thanks. That is what it was.

Snyder cut!

Calling it now. There will be a post credits scene and its gonna be Johnny Cage

I watch the old movies every now and then and damn I’m pumped for this one…

Johnny Cage is the shiz-nit.

Watched it when it came out and was pumped.

My only question is, did they run out of CGI money with Goro?! Dude looked same or worse than original movie haha. Hopefully it’s just the trailer footage.

Other than that, my only complaint is Scorpion needed a deeper voice for “Get over here!” I mean what we all imagine @agentpoyo yelling to @Anthony when he needs a new bucket in the basement. Or would that be opposite, and more feminine…


I’ve said “get over here” but he never responds anyways… bucket is always full and overflowing…

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The creator Ed Boon was the one who did the Scorpion line way back in the day

Does the new wave of toys relate to the movie in any way?