New Mutants...not anytime soon, or ever?

According to several sources, there is a slim to none chance that we will ever see Foxs New Mutants movie hit the big screen.

Bob Iger, of Disney/Marvel productions was recently quoted, at a Disney Shareholders conference, that the X films that were already made when Disney acquired recently from Foc were expected to fall well short of the already low, low expectations for these films if they were to be released. The film may not hit the theatres, but be relegated to a platform like Hulu. What does this mean for the New Mutants, the MCU and the future of things to come?

Im actually ok with this and would like to see a new mutants film drop after mutants and the X-men get a proper post Sony introduction.

:100: Agreed, @Salty. Although I did like the casting for Magik in the current movie. New Mutants was supposed to have a ‘horror’ feel to it, and now Marvel has announced that they are introducing the Marvel Horror characters with Doctor Strange 2. I think its best that Marvel cans the Fox New Mutant movie and stick to their already established plans. Find a way to weave these X characters into the MCU in a different fashion.

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