New Mutants Observations

I’m sure most of you have heard, or seen, that the New Mutants movie, developed at Fox before the Disney buyout, has dropped a few trailers recently. This movie has been speculated before, but let’s take a few close looks at some scenes shown in these latest trailers.


First off, we have a nurse type character doing a voice over for the majority of these trailers. This nurse character is known as Cecelia Reyes. Cecelia Reyes was part of the X-Men, and is a mutant in her own right. Raised in the Bronx, she is a Puerto Rican medical doctor specializing in trauma.

She has the mutant ability to project a force field around her body. Unlike most X-Men, she has no interest in superheroics, and desires only to live an ordinary life, having been forced into the team by circumstance. Cecelia Reyes makes her 1st appearance in X-Men #65 (1997).

Next we have an outside shot of the facility where the New Mutants seem to be being held. On the top of the exterior door to this facility, we can see the name ‘Milbury Hospital’. The name Milbury has significant and interesting ties to a classic X-Men big bad, Mr. Sinister, aka Nathaniel Essex. Sinister has a few aliases, and one of those aliases is Nathan Milbury. Milbury Hospital / Nathan Milbury. See the connection?


And lastly, the trailer seems to focus around Dani, and Demon Bear looks to be the antagonist, or a tool of the antagonist.


Dani can be seen throughout the trailer wearing, what’s looks to be, a necklace with a wooden bear pendant.

Not much spec here that hasn’t already been discussed, but just a few little odes to the source material. Long live Comic Books. :black_joker::v:

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Y’know, watching the trailer made me want to see the movie. I hope they got it together good enough and release it soon.

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After seeing Illyana drop out of a portal in the sky, and then summon her armour and the Soul Sword, I was like ‘f*ck yeah, I’m in’. I was excited for this movie while it was at Fox, and I’m still excited for it. Magik could be a break out character, if this movie connects with audiences. New Mutants #14 and Uncanny #160 are good bets, imo. If Illyana does become a breakout star, I could see very good things for NM14. It could, Imo, reach NM98 heights (given a bit if time).

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Oh hell yeah let’s talk MUTANTS! Big fan from the 80’s, one of my favourite marvel teams ever. Very excited to see the film, love the horror aspect. In a world where everything is a symbiote it’s refreshing to have these kids all awkwardly learning their new natural abilities. It’s proper evolution, it’s a very probable storyline if you think about it. Not that I have anything against space or symbiotes we all know VENOM’s my boy and all… Anyways, I ramble…

DEMON BEAR cameo NM#3, full NM#18. DANI MOONSTAR’s first is marvel graphic novel #4 or just NM#1 if you don’t like collecting them. I agree @jcLu that MAGIK could be absolutely massive if people get to know her. Amazing that for the most part, most of these books have been laying around in dollar bins until recently. I know I have my longboxes full…

Don’t forget about this little beauty either… MAGIK #1 mini (1983), be well everyone… :v:


Here is Magiks, aka Illyana Nikolievna Rasputins, History (to the best of my knowledge).

  • she 1st appears in GSX1, as a child, unnamed.
    (Colossus refers to his kid sister as lil’ snowflake)

  • she then returns in Uncanny X-Men #145, unnamed, unpowered adult

  • Illyanas given name and powers are finally revealed in Uncanny #160. CGC labels this book as 1st Adult Illyana

  • Magik then appeared in her 4 issue mini with Storm. During this series, she did not use the moniker ‘Magik’ yet.

  • and lastly we get New Mutants #14. I believe this to be the 1st appearance of Illyana as Magik, with a full power set and Soulsword et al. CGC labels this book as 1st appearance of Magik.

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