New Mutants Trailer from Comic Con

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Looks amazing who would of thought

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Rumour has it that Disney will be announcing that it will be streaming on D+ in September…in Australia at least. :man_shrugging:

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Mulan is looking like a D+ release too

Wherever they release this it looks like a hit. Looking forward to it! Will be nice to unload all that NM spec I bought years ago. Might even be able to make a halfway decent profit too.

Looks like the reviews are in for premiere night and they are not good. I’ll try and find and watch it today.

I just read Forbes’ reveiw.
I give the review 1 star (out of 100).
The authors reasons for not liking the movie does not seem legit, to me.
He complains that the set is dreary. It’s a mental hospital, not an amusement park.
He complains that there are no Marquee characters (Wolverine, Prof X…). Apparently he only likes movies where the main characters are already well known amongst the general public.
He complains that the movie takes the time to explore each characters past. I guess character development is a waste of time these days.
He complains that there are no heroes in costume. Apparently he went to the bathroom when Magik had her armor on and was sporting her Soul Sword.

I then went and read some fan reviews. They all seemed to enjoy the movie.
I’m not sure if the critics were expecting an Oscar worthy film, but I wouldn’t trust a film ‘critics’ reveiw if my life depended on it.

You think film critics would just be happy to see a new movie with all that has been going on all summer since their whole job depends on the film industry.

I think they are salty too because Disney didn’t set up covid safe theatres for them to watch it.
Forbes’ reviewer was quick to point out that he had to watch it at a drive in theatre.

I don’t bother with reading others opinions on movies. I watch trailer and decide then if it’s worthy for the $10+ movie theater ticket or if it’s a $1 red box rental or I just want for Netflix… then I watch it and either like it or don’t. Having someone else review a movie for you is like them sampling different flavors of ice creams to tell you which one is good or not… when you can just do it yourself.


Apparently in all these years on the bench, no one bothered to make sure Bob McLeod’s name was spelled correctly. Really no excuse for a major studio film, regardless of merger or pandemic.

I have no hopes that it will be a good movie - if it was it would have been released years ago. That said I’m still going to watch it… :blush: