New on 2/26 (Other Than HA3)

So other than that DC comic that everyone is talking about, what else is looking good to you tomorrow?

My pulls include

White Knight 7B (Harley Cover)
Batman Beyond 41B (might grab the A cover as well if I see it)
Ghost Rider 5 (Hearts of Darkness part 2!)

…that Frisson Cover to WW is turning my head at the moment. If I see it in 9.8 may grab it.

What’s everyone else buyin’?

Outside of HA3 I didn’t spec on anything.
Batman Beyond 41B
Justice League Dark 20B
Ice Cream Man 18B
MM Power Rangers 48 Foil

That White Knight 7B looks really good. I personally skipped the Frison Cover because I have so many.

Ghost Rider and Avengers of Wasteland. Reader books…

Quantum &Woody #2 and Red Hood Outlaws #43

I had this reserved for me at my main LCS on Wednesday. I went and picked it up today. I love it. It’s going to be cleaned and pressed, then off to CGC. It presents quite nicely, and it’s colours really pop. It has the Cyclops value stamp intact and there is some black marker on the cover, and a 1 3/8" tear on the back cover. I think it’s in the 4/4.5 range w/ White/Off White pages. I paid $150 US.

Now I’m waiting for the FedEx truck that is returning my first completed submission to CGC. I’ll post my unboxing results later tonight. :crossed_fingers:

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Be sure to tell CGC you don’t want a “qualified” grade. Sometimes that happens when there’s writing on the cover. Mostly signatures. CBCS would just assign a “real” grade.

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