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Here’s a thread for weekly updates to DrunkWooky’s sister site,, the Star Wars Comics First Appearance and Key Issue Database!

Last week, I decided to finish up entries for the year that kicked off all of Star Wars comics history, 1977! Check out the key issues from that first year of Star Wars comics publishing below! My goal is to continue year-by-year until we hit complete, up-to-date comprehensiveness!


Getting a star on 1978 as I progress through chronological publishing order and sharing my research surrounding Barriss Ofee’s first appearance in reaction to internet Ahsoka rumors.

Want to know which issue is the Tusken Raiders’ first cover appearance? Click through.

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Phew, so I have been quiet about my pet passion project, for a while now. The reason is that it wasn’t sorting the way I wanted it to when you searched key terms. The first problem was names with apostrophes in them (Star Wars has a lot!). So, for example, when you searched Qi’ra, all the entries for Qi’ra that were in the database would not show. Well, I fixed that on the back end.

Next, I wanted things to sort chronologically. It makes sense because it’s a “first appearance” database and dates are the most relevant data points regarding that. Regardless of if the publication was a magazine, digest size book, comic, or otherwise, I wanted the search results to filter automatically into chronological order so viewers of search results could make the call for them self with the data presented in a logical way. So, I re-coded the 368 existing entries. It took forever, but now I’m so glad I did it.

So that’s the update. Pretty boring, but that’s what’s been going on. Meanwhile, I’ve been going through every single published Star Wars comic since April 1977 and I’m up to July 1979. Slow going, made slower by all that re-coding of existing entries. The work continues nonetheless!


Thank you for all the hard work. It’s so helpful to have an accurate site for Star Wars first appearances. Too many other sources have incorrect or misleading info, but your always seems to be on the money.


Fingers crossed it stays that way. My anxiety about providing false info always leads me to verify and double check. Even then, I try to qualify statements with any mitigating or discounting information. I really don’t understand what people hope to gain through disinformation and hype.


Would anyone know who the other Sith is on the cover with Darth Maul - AUG211264 - STAR WARS DARTH VADER #17 SPROUSE LUCASFILM 50TH VAR WOBH - Previews World
Is it a 1st cover appearance?

That’s Savage Oppress. It’s not a first appearance. His first appearance was Clone Wars FCBD 2011:


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Thank You! Your the best!

I got FCBD 2008 not 2011…am I wrong?

@Devildog might like the Kenner related comic appearances in this week’s update!

We’re finally leaving the 70s and enter the booming 80s now that we’ve finished entries for 1979!


Lamest Star wars vehicle ever…until it was used in Mandalorian and we’re all like “cool!!! Remember that toy!!! I had one!!!”

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@drunkwooky Have you spotted the cover for Crimson Reign 1 1:25 yet? I have it in my TFAW pre-orders, but still don’t know if I should hold onto it or punt it.

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I haven’t. We have until Nov 1 FOC though to drop.

January 2, 1980, Chewbacca receives his Medal of Bravery. Ignore Luke and Leia making out.

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Just a scene from GoT right? :wink:


1 Like is back up and running! It will take some time to get all the pretty pictures back, but it’s pretty and quick now! Check it out!


There’s some wacky stuff in this week’s 1981 update to

Frank Miller Star Wars, Alan Moore Star Wars, what should have been a second Death Star, and John Carter, Warlord of Mars in Star Wars!

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First Rur, Coruscant, Mandalorians, and more!