New Predator comic


Sweet! Been waiting for this to pop back up.

Finally! I’m excited.

I’m a nerd for anything Predator related. This is gonna be good.

And it looks like Rahzzah is doing a variant cover. Hell. Yes.

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I for one welcome our new alien overlords.


The actual title isn’t up yet but the Predator Themed Variants spread across all the other title are now up for pre-orders out of May Marvel Previews.

You can see the full list clicking here at TFAW. Some of these might be pretty kick ass covers. Looking forward to what some of the named artists on each come up with.

Start posting the covers here when they come available. :slight_smile:


Predator #1 Ratio Variants available at TFAW:

Predator #1 (Brown Variant)
Predator #1 (Tan Variant)
Predator #1 (Wraparound Camoflage Variant)
Predator #1 (Inhyuk Lee Virgin Variant)

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As a big fan of the Predator franchise I’m excited for this and the new flick looking like it will actually be good.

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You will be the first to toil in their underground sugar caves.

I hope this movie is good and they stick with timepiece period Predator stories. They work the best for this type of character.

I love the first movie and am the rare person who actually likes, “Predator 2,” even more than the original. “Predators,” was strictly okay and, “The Predator,” was entertaining despite being a huge mess. If this can get anywhere near the quality of the original stuff I’m sold. Oh, and I don’t mention the Alien Vs Predator movies as they are their own weird thing, although the first one was passable (the 2nd was trash).

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I am looking forward to Prey when it comes out.

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I liked Predator 2 as well.

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You have good taste!

I need to rewatch it. I only saw it the one time when it first hit VHS lol. Otherwise I’d say your opinions on all the others match mine.

I do kind of wish we could try and get away from the human element of the film, maybe animated or something?

Predator 2 is almost as classic as Predator, imo. Its a great sequel that stands on its own merits, which you will never find in the current era where Hollywood is consistently putting out unimaginative, poorly written, rehashed, piles of sh!t. Having said that, I have high hopes for Prey, but, not high expectations (especially after Shane Black completely messed up ‘The Predator’).

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We’ve had Predators in the jungle, on other planets, in the cities, in the forests. When do we get “under the sea” Predator? Maybe they are hunting Aliens after they hatch from great white sharks or something and of course snorkelers on vacation get in the way. Hilarity and action for all!

It would make Sharknado look like Turdnado!.. Have they made a Turdnado movie yet? Seems there are no fresh ideas in Hollywood at this point so maybe it’s already out there and I didn’t realize it.

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