New Previews Exclusive Playmates Retro Rotocast TMNT Figures

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Those are pretty sweet. I still remember my mom forcing me to sell my TMNT figures and vehicles doe $20.00. Also had case, unpunched weapons, etc. Sigh I didn’t want to but had no choice

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I don’t want to get into it, but I get it. Peace be with you and your fallen toys.

I appreciate it for sure! Back intro LEGO the past couple years (some might have seen in LEGO’s Heating Up forum) haha. Def a hobby you need to enjoy and keep cuz expense. Daughter is three so we slowly are bonding on it as she doesn’t try and eat them anymore. Duplo was great for a while but yeah haha.

I’ve been trying to stay away from buying figs. They’re sweet looking and awesome don’t get me wrong. But buy in, and they’d be kept, so trying to not get hooked is what I tell myself

My daughter is two so we’re on the Duplo.

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Def a fun stage. We still have them out as we build “castles” still