New Punisher Character November 2023

There is a new Punisher character in issue 1. The same character is on the cover of Issue 2.
TFAW has some ratios on issue 1.
Issue 1

Issue 2

KCC has issue 1 as the first appearance of Joe Garrison.

I have no idea if this character will take off. It will be interesting to see where this character goes.

haven’t seen any store exclusives strangely enough, i guess if they cant use foil their not interested


For a new Punisher, the rollout has been quiet. There is a one in twenty-five and a one in a hundred ratio.

1:100 is a virgin of open order cover, i skipped all ratios cause of that

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Look at the 1:25 cover. They could could do better.

1:25 at TFAW

I have a feeling this is going to be the same old Marvel bs…

This “new” character will eventually become a villain and Frank will return…


cant disagree, bought 3 cover A and thats it. no faith in a new punisher

David Pepose is writing it and he’s does good work. That’s gives me a bit of optimism.

Good chance this is a flavor of the month with a large print run.

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It just really isn’t that hard of a formula to work with.
There is a reason why movies such as John Wick, Taken, The Equalizer, upcoming “the bee keeper”, etc, etc do well and are popular.

Folks love them some anti-heroes. Just make Frank (or whoever they force into the role in this comic) kick some $#@ against characters who deserve it & do it in a manner that is inventive, graphic. Create some good villain &:side character development along the way.

Marvel just makes me shake my head sometimes… hopefully I’ll be pleasantly surprised.


They have tons of Spider-mans and Star Wars has tons of characters but no we can’t have two punishers. When I see the lack of hype and average art I start to think @monopolyjackson might be right. I guess we will find out eventually.

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I could be wrong. Who knows…

The hype for Marvel in the past 4 years has been movie/tv driven. Now that the bubble has burst (I think), you see real demand…


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Is he shooting bubblegum? Does that count as one of those trendy bubble gum covers?


I’d love to see the Punisher shooting Sneakers.
If I see another Sneaker cover (particularly Miles/Spider-boy), I’m going to blow my bubblegum top.

Sneaker covers are starting to become more annoying than Venom tongue covers


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:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

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I was reading something not long ago for work pedophiles use bubble gum as a symbol.

A symbol for what? Do tell…

He looks like he has 2 bubble gum flavored whipped cream dispensers. Sending a message to children (to avoid crime) at birthday parties. "Sorry kids i couldn’t hire a giant dinosaur, so i could only hire the CANISTER!, or GUMISHER!, or FOAMISTER!, or SUDSDISPENSER!

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