New Punisher series by Jason Aaron

According to bleeding cool Marvel is gonna make a new punisher series written by Jason Aaron. I haven’t seen it anywhere else but thought it was interesting.


Well, I guess if anybody can make him interesting to me, it would be Aaron.

Just never really seen the appeal of Punisher.

Aaron already wrote him once in the punisher max series after Ennis, and it’s really good.


This makes me very happy. Obviously, I’m partial to ole Frank and his USMC background.
Same with ole Gung-Ho with the Joes.
Discussions on Punisher and his appeal to me aren’t good forum discussions. Better in person with a bottle of good bourbon.

I was really wondering if Frank had been shelved for good.

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If he speaks to you, more power to ya! I didn’t mean to lessen your attachment or his importance to you. Collect and read what you love and forget the rest.

I did not know this. I’ll check it out.

@drunkwooky Oh no worries at all friend! We all have our likes and dislikes.

I’m still wondering if we will ever see that Punisher vs Barracuda series that was shelved?

I remember liking Aaron’s run on Punisher Max. Didn’t it have awesome Steve Dillon art (may he rest in peace)?

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Yeah, Steve Dillon did the art. Both punisher Max runs were great and some of what got me back into comics after years away.

Punisher can be good if rhe right person is on it.

Yup. You get a blend of the noir, crime, and action genres.