New Quicksilver Marvel Legends Figure With New "Infinity Saga" Packaging

Hasbro Pulse Pre-Order:

Think fast! It’s a NEW #MarvelMonday reveal! Check out the Marvel Legends Series Quicksilver, inspired by Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Age of Ultron! Available for pre-order NOW on #HasbroPulse. You didn’t see that coming?

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I know folks love this line and all, but this figure just sure doesn’t scream “I gotta have this”.

I have to wonder who is sitting in the meetings pitching products to create and market?

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Boo, give us the other Quicksilver, the Ralph one!

I bet you all did NOT SEE THAT COMING… lol

Sorry that is something I always say when I see the Girl Quicksilver Cosplayers at the cons. lol

I should have read the last line on the hasbro post… smh