New Star Wars Cinematic Releases From Sequel Era


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If these movies deal with the characters from Episodes 7-9, I’m out.


Yeah, for me this all depends on what she means by “Sequel Era”.

If she means everything from the minute ROTJ ends forward and all the characters out there at that time (like Mando and Ahsoka), then cool.

If she means “we’re going to keep driving the Rey/Poe/Finn story mail through the board”, I’m not pumped. I mean, I’ll watch it. I won’t like it, though.

They had a chance with those characters and that story and they majorly messed it up in a lot of different ways.


To me, sequel era means about the time of Force awakens…maybe just before.

But yeah, people aren’t as invested in the sequel characters. The masses want pre phantom menace and popular interesting characters like Obi, Krrsantan, Grogu, Thrawn and Aphra and the Mandalorian creed. More Darth Vader too. They’re doing the right things. Not all have been great, but at least they’re interesting stories.

Buy if they want to waist their time and money on Rey and stuff…whatever.


The sequel trilogy time period is the least interesting time period to me. I like stuff post ROTJ like Mando that is just far enough from the First Order/Rey crap.

They basically need a Rogue One type movie that sets up and makes sense of the sequels. They started getting there with Resistance and started telling a compelling story in season 2 but I’m sure all the sequel hate led to its cancellation.

It’s going to take a lot to make up for that mess, but I’ll withhold judgement until more info is released.

I’d be open to a series that makes those three movies make sense. I’m not discounting that out of hand.

The errors in just basic storytelling in the sequels will take a lot to rectify though.

It’s really hard to sum up what went wrong because it was systemic stemming from how their production was approached (I.e. without an overarching plan).

Within that systemic failure, other smaller missteps occurred. Notably, JJ setting up a lot of lose ends that Johnson didn’t seem interested in exploring or resolving.

To be clear, I don’t hate The Last Jedi itself as it stands alone. It’s an enjoyable watch for me. It just doesn’t do a lot of necessary work in context of the trilogy. They could have had time to explore properly so much that was crammed into the Rise of Skywalker. In the end we got “The Emperor is Alive.” In the opening scroll. Lame. (Disappointing trumpet noises)


Maybe just do a movie where Ezra or someone else locates and accesses the World between Worlds and stops them from ever happening. No Rey, no Snoke, Ben stays good.

That will never happen, but if Disney lets the hate flow through them, they will green light that in a second.

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