New Star Wars Comic Books For May 5, 2021-Star Wars Day Edition!

I publish these lists once a week for those interested in what Star Wars books are coming out next week and what Star Wars books are on FOC that next Monday.


Feels like Marvel should have told shops they could sell Star Wars books on Tuesday this coming week.

If they did, they’d set up some shops for failure with customers coming in looking for Wednesday comics on Tuesday, and the shops that don’t participate getting yelled at by rapid Star Wars fans…

“It’s May the 4th!!! What is wrong with this store!! Nyaaaahhhhh!!!”

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I’m not too bent out of shape about that seeing how at it’s base I think May the Fourth is just a silly fan meme that was co-opted by a corporation as an excuse for an annual massive multi-licensee advertising blitz.

I too enjoy the excuse to wear my Star Wars ties to work, but I’m under no illusion as to what it all is.

I’m happy to show up on my regularly scheduled day to pick up my regularly scheduled comics.


I’ve got a periodic table of star wars shirt to wear every year (appropriate for a chemist!).


@drunkwooky what’s your thoughts on Weapon of a Jedi?

So, obviously I buy every Star Wars comic, but I’ll try to be as objective as possible. I like these IDW adaptations of novels because the novels usually contain unique characters not found elsewhere in canon yet. Smuggler’s run was the first appearance of ISB commander Beck and cantina owner Adria Leighton. I also think these are going somewhat overlooked. It’s why I’m picking up the Guardian of the Whills Manga next week.

The four issue Weapon of a Jedi series looks like it’s going to contain the first comic appearances of:

Farnay (a female Devaronian),
Duna Hilaris (male Devaronian),
Kivas (male Devaronian),
Opato (male Rodian),
Porst (human male),
Sarco Plank (male Melitto and antagonist),
Lieutenant Pyparr (imperial officer (killed))

Admittedly, many of these are minor characters, but you never know who is getting plucked from obscurity by Disney+


Good insight! Thanks for the info, I’m definitely picking it up.