New Star Wars-Walmart Woes

I guess I should be thankful, but I just can’t comprehend this. All four were ordered together? All 4 shipped separately as you can see. None shipped appropriately. One literally crammed into the box with significant damage.
Makes no sense to me. On the plus side, beautiful design imo.


Effin’ YIKES!!! Sorry to see that

The Aayla and Barriss seem to look fine which is a plus.

Hold on to them. Check your local Walmart and when they arrive (likely will soon) try to replace them.

This is what I’ve been doing.

I had one of those large DC multiverse figures crammed into a bubble…blister pack blew out (cracked) it was so flattened by the time it got to Walmart. Bought a new one, swapped it out.

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I had 3 packeges arrive one day of the same figure. One in a paper plastic bag, one is padded envelope and one in a box… No ryme or reason. About every package I got last year arrived when it was raining. So all the cards got warped.

@Toy_Maker sorry to hear that. I just don’t understand it. The waste of shipping alone makes no sense.

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I was collecting a lot of Aayla Secura stuff… but then I hit the quit button. I may have to pick up that one though.

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It has taken the fun out of collecting for me with the Star Wars figures. I’m just ordering them from EE right now. I do not even bother with any of the Star Wars or Target exclusives for the most part. Luckily I am not box or package collector. But I like to keep them in factory condition.

I had the same problem, missed out on the Clones, but got the battle droid, barris, aayla and luminara. Each arrived the same day, in a separate package. 3 in bubble mailers, 1 in a box. The worst damage of all was aayla in the box lol

I’m just keeping mine and hoping to come across some in stores, but my Walmart currently has nothing but 30 of the same Endor Princess Leia for sale so it’s not looking good!

I’ve seen about 50 Lando’s in the 5 or so Walmarts I’ve visited recently.

What is LANDO System?