New ThunderCats Puma Sneakers

Strangely enough there’s a Cheetara shoe, a Lion-O show, but no Pumyra shoe…hmmmm…


These are fun!

Issue 1 of the comic has been moving pretty steadily…even mid grade Direct copies.

I have one high grade Newsstand at CBCS currently, and a mid grade raw as my reader copy.

80s rule!

I need to grab one. I wasn’t a He-Man kid. I was a ThunderCats kid. My wife tolerates and even likes my Star Wars fandom. She is vicious in her bullying about ThunderCats hahaha

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Those shoes are f’n Snarf-y.


They look like kid’s shoes. I like the idea, though. Thundercats was, by far, my favorite after school cartoon.

I’m getting those cheetara’s

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