New TVC Boba Fett (Morak) Action Figure Announced

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Yakface reported it’s another TARGET exclusive…sigh.


I’m pretty much just buying bootleg 3.75" figures and Black Series custom fodder nowadays anyway, though.

It’s a repaint of the previous figure

Sold out.

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Put money down on a table at a local con for March. Made the decision to clear the storage unit out of toys. I’ll keep my vintage stuff and a few pieces I’m really fond of, but I’m cutting the cord. Wife said I can take some of the funds and buy a really nice investment type comic or toy. The rest will go to the kitchen remodel.

I have a really hard time parting with stuff, but I’ve realized this stuff doesn’t do me much good sitting in storage totes.

Stuff like this overpriced, impossible to get Target exclusive makes the decision easier.
More than likely, it will came back online at some point if you watch it closely, but I don’t know that it’s worth the effort. I’m also tired of watching these preorders sit for months on end without movement.


Doesn’t Hasbro have about 6 Boba Fett pre-orders still outstanding?

I also wonder if they have any interest in creating figures other than Boba Fett, Mando, and Grogu.

I mean, Black Krrsantan (my current custom project) has to be a huge miss on their part. Doctor Aphra, Triple Zero, and BT each have multiple TVC and Black Series releases. Nothing for Black K, though. Also, still no announcement whether a figure will ever come. Based on all their announced products for the next year and half, it seems unlikely they could get one out before 24 months from now even if they had the desire to.

That’s what I’ve been thinking for quite some time now. Just been trying to get around and getting rid of it all. Mine’s mostly comics just sitting in boxes I’ve already read. I can’t be bothered with most to wait and see if they ever heat up… need to get rid of them all!

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@agentpoyo It really is a hard thing to do imo. Even as I bring out the bins and attempt to sort I start going “Oh I can’t get rid of this”.

For the most part, when I have parted with things I’ve never regretted it that much (strike that, getting rid of a FF48 5.5, ASM #129 8.5, ASM 252 9.8, Daredevil 131 9.6 just two years ago before the insane uptick and price and comic craze stings like the damned devil) :slight_smile:

I do think that if I (you) can replace the stuff with a really nice, displayable item…it will help the process. At least I’m trying to tell myself that.

Yeah, my new approach now is if I can’t decide to get rid of or keep within a second, get rid of it is the default choice.

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Figure is LIVE now. Ordered 2.

After my last experience, shipping in a box too small for an action figure, I’ll take my chances at the store.

I tried to get one at 1 when the item was supposed to go live. Instantly said preorders were sold out so I gave up and went back to work. Then I find out the damn thing went live again an hour or so later but was sold out by the time I found out. I am so sick of exclusives, and the things not being available to order when the announced time comes around. I don’t have all day to sit at a computer hitting refresh to buy a toy. Hasbro continually pisses me off with their exclusives. Ordering on Walmart isn’t any better either.

Unsure if this is the same figure, but I ordered one of these through my LCS. I pretty much don’t do Star Wars figures but I fog this design for Boba and the Storm Trooper helmets are going to look great on top of tooth picks.

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