New Variant Ratios on TFAW

Hey CHU insiders. Here we go. The latest batch of variant books on sale at TFAW. The last list got too long so gonna dump this on a new thread. Happy Monday and happy hunting.

Web Of Venom Empyres End Knull 1:50 Variant

ASM #50 1:50 Inhyuk Lee Green Goblin Variant

TMNT 1:10 (Less than Cover Price)

Warhammer #1 1:50 Variant Back in Stock

Commanders in Crisis #1 1:25 Peach Momoko Virgin Variant Back in Stock

We Live #1 1:15 Variant (less than cover price) Back in Stock

Commanders in Crisis #1 1:10 Mirka Andolfo Virgin Variant

ASM #50 1:100 Alex Ross Timeless Sketch

Avengers 37 1:100 Alex Ross Timeless Sketch

Captain America #24 1:100 Alex Ross Timeless Sketch

New Mutants #13 1:100 Alex Ross Timeless Sketch


That looks like the Peach variant for CiC 1:25

It does. Can you check to see if it is correct?

That is correct. The 25 copy is Peach, 10 is Mirka.

TFAW lists it as the 1:25 Momoko… you just got your description wrong @Anthony

This is what happens when he lets me go use the bathroom, CHU starts to fall apart… :wink:

I fixed it. Poyo get your panties out of a bunch.

There’s a couple of others that I know went up that you haven’t found yet! (By the time this reply is posted who knows if they’re still in stock haha.)

PM please

Ok updated everyone.

I would if you gave my panties back already… :wink:

I fixed the descriptions for the Commanders in Crisis… since those ratios are virgins of regular covers that are available. :wink:

I don’t like where this is going.


I like where it is going.

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This is why we can’t have nice things

I know, you keep giving me the used panties with holes in them… while keeping the nice new ones that come with tags for yourself…

It’s a compliment…Panties with holes in them are the best panties in the world!..The used part is just a term of endearment.

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My dog has a two pairs a day habit chewing holes in undies and Panties…it’s quite a financial burden.

Venom #28 (Stegman Sketch Variant)

Dark Nights Death Metal Speed Metal #1 (1:25 Variant)

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