New Variant Ratios on TFAW

Definitely for sure…
Doesn’t mean TFAW can’t or doesn’t have enough time to change before midnight the 3rd though?. If not I see a bunch of ratio pre orders dropped and they loose out on buyers. I have 5-6 right now I will probably drop with no art and wrong FOC dates

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TFAW has 1 copy left of this book -pre-order in case anyone looking for it.
Goes for about 100 on ebay looking at recently ended completed auctions.

Batman Fortnite Zero Point Batman Day Special Edition #1 (Cover C - 1:20 Mikel Janin Monofoil Variant)


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Don’t know how they have it for preorder since they didn’t fill anyone’s order for it when it came out and it’s already been released so should be add to cart not preorder.

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These are very disappointing


I don’t mind the sink one, I like it actually. Didnt order it though.

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Agreed. Considering how awesome some of his covers are I kind of expected more from Sienkiewicz. The angle of the head seems off.

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I like that Venom “Gone Fishing” cover. Look @agentpoyo no tounge lol.

I have to admit, its kind of funny.

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I also like his Spidey swim trunks …

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Yuuuup. That was one of the things that got my attention. And the big smile he has cuz he got a fish lol.

Wonder who is doing the cover cuz I can’t find it at TFAW

I believe it’s Angel Medina. It’s sold out at tfaw

Dang!!! That sucks. Need to see if @faele will have any available.

It’s the 1:50 incentive. Just wait until Monday or watch for cart drops this weekend.

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Which issue we looking at?

People won’t be able to drop nor will tfaw likely add any more because their deadline was for some reason 9/13

Ah, true. I forgot that.

Star Wars #19 (Gist Variant War of the Bounty Hunters)

I read this already and really liked it. So yeah, some ratios showing up as in stock at TFAW for those interested.

Whats the Furthest Place From Here #1 (Cover E - 25 Copy Variant)
Whats the Furthest Place From Here #1 (Cover F - 50 Copy Variant)

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