New York Comic Con - Head Count


Hey everyone. Who’s all going to NYCC 2019? Who wants to come hang out with Anthony and myself?

So, we’ve been hinting at a get together during the convention. We haven’t picked a location, it’s likely going to be at a pub or bar. Most places seem to require a head count before we can make reservations so we’re not all sharing a 4 top in a crowded dirty pub.

So we’d like to know who’s interested in meeting up during the Convention?

Most likelyFriday evening after the convention is ideal for us. Saturday could work as well but I know a few of us have to get up early Sunday to head home. We’ll likely have some CHU swag to give away to those who come.

Since it will be at a pub/bar, you will have to be 21 or older to attend.

So if you’re going to be in NYC for the convention and want to attend, please respond with a Yes/No/Maybe. Once we count all the Yes, we’ll add a few spots for the Maybe’s to the count list and reserve a location. Once we have a location, we’ll email those who are definite the time and location of where we’ll be at.

The sooner the better as it guarantees a nicer place to hang out, get to know fellow CHU readers and members, have a few drinks and talk comics and convention.


Anybody? Nobody is going to the convention? :frowning:


I will be there. Prizes to give away I hear. CHU pint glasses.


I would go…but Ive been banned from Amurica, by their government. :man_shrugging:


Heh… I’ll be sending you some swag… :wink:

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I hope so… Everyone will want to meet you… Nobody cares about me… :wink:


I’m planning on going one of these days. I can’t this year, because of work, but hopefully next year. Hope you guys have fun.


this is awesome idea, if the day every comes i can make it to NYCC, i am IN for sure


Is it too late for this? I must have missed the initial post. Even if it’s at a bar I would definitely like to buy some drinks for my forum pals here.


@Wren private message me…

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Unfortunately, it won’t let me Poyo. I tried to but I got the “can’t message this user” message.


Anyone make it to the AEW panel for the brawl?


Selfies…don’t forget to post selfies.

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