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Not only did Philly boo Santa, they launched a full scale snowball assault on him.

When Toronto wins, it will be because they played the better series. Injury excuses dont fly in pro sports. Toronto can only play who Kerr puts on the floor. GSW beat Lebron w/ an injured K-Love and Kyrie. Nobody talks about that gift when discussing this GSW Dynasty. So it is unfair to do the same to Toronto. And wasnt GS supposed to be better with out KD? They certainly didnt use any Durant excuses when they swept Portland in the West finals. Every championship team, and their opponents, are dealing with injuries. That is the nature of competitive sports. No excuses in a team sport. One man goes down, another steps up to take his place. Just ask Jeff Hostetler and Phil Simms. Lots of championship teams have won using back ups as starters. Thats one of the things that makes championship mettle in a team.

No, they changed their tunes when the Raptors players were telling them to stop cheering. That’s a sign they were cheering for the wrong reasons. Durant got up, when he started to limp, that’s when the most applause started. I know what I saw… It happens on all arenas in all sports, it’s still pretty shitty. The only time I smile if someone gets hurt is if they’re a criminal who harmed others.

Umm… no, you can’t claim team sport and then claim KD was the reason they won the game (who only played 12 minutes). Last I checked, Raptors were up late in the 4th quarter and 3 quick three pointers put Warriors up. Raptors had every chance to go ahead and win it, but they didn’t, they feel short. Warriors didn’t win only the first quarter, they won the GAME! :wink:

Raptors should wrap this up, if they don’t, so be it. They can claim they are champions but maybe old Poyo is a hard ass when it comes to sports. When I played sports, I took the Rocky approach… to be the best you have to beat the best. Yeah, there’s an entire team but I don’t want to beat the 3rd string bench warmer… I want to be the superstar player that got them there… :stuck_out_tongue:

K-Love sucks though… Kyrie is okay but he’s no leader, clearly he proved that before and then after leaving Cavs. Anyone who says K-Love is a great player doesn’t know basketball. :wink:

As for GS being better without KD… I’m not saying that. They’re a great team without him, they’re just better with him. I don’t think we would have seen them win the last two years if he wasn’t on the team.

The core group that won 5 years ago was a great team. A lot of the core that assembled a great bench for them left, so they were vulnerable when Cavs beat them the next year. Once KD joined, they got better for sure.

Sweet… I would have pelted him too for failing to being me those gifts I asked for when I was younger… Out of all the people in the world, who’s let me down the most? Santa! :wink:

Perhaps that was the moment that those fans realized that this was more serious than a reaggravated calf injury. As I stated above, every fan was applauding KD as he was helped to the locker room. You can not expect raucous, drunk fans to be on their toes in that moment. Nobody who briefly cheered knew that was a devastating achilles injury. A few fans caught in the moment. Nothing to write home about, imo.

I did not say KD was the reason they won. All I was pointing out was that GS did not overwhelm Toronto in that game, and I think it us unreasonable to think that GS is in the drivers seat now. I was trying to portray that this series, is in no way over, one way or the other and that Toronto is not overmatched in any way. And for all we know, Lowrys shot could have been good if Dray doesnt get his finger tip on that last shot. Nobody in Toronto expected GSW to roll over. What a great series.

What comic does this all appear In? :thinking::wink:

Super Pro Annual #2019. No variants.

Back on the track before we get another commuter derailment

Waiting in the que for tickets… kinda feels like sdcc all over again

I blame jcLu for going off topic… :wink:

That sounds awful. I love getting press badges… it took me all but 5 minutes to fill out and 2 weeks later got confirmed the badge is on the way this summer. :slight_smile:

I’m sure diamond will have tickets later for retailers but I always try to get standard ones

Yeah, then you qualify for the lotto’s for Funko and others. Sadly Press Badges no longer qualify for those.

Yup. I will miss out on those lottery’s at sdcc cause of my retailer badge, but still get stuff

Got tickets for thursday Friday ! We will have to plan a drinking night for Friday if people can make it. For a place that has food too and we can do an all ages event :grinning:

I was tempted to start a NBA Finals Thread for the forum, but I could not find a suitable category to place it in. I wanted to hear Poyos 2 cents on this series, given that he is a basketball fan. Sorry, eh. :t_rex: :canada: :t_rex:

Uncatagorized category would work… I’ve been thinking about starting a Mavericks forum… I do own and have done pretty much nothing with it since I’ve owned it. I registered it originally just to get domain for email alias but never setup email for it. I should do that one day…

I understand what you are saying about beating the best. However, beating Steph, Klay, Dray, Iggy (all future HOFs and past or present perennial all stars) and Boogie + Bogut (HOF talents and all stars) is nothing to sneeze at. GSWs starting 5 are all stars and the 2x defending champs. That, my friend, is beating the ‘best’. The best just happen to not be the ‘best by far’, w/o KD. Imo.

Yeah… I take the stance from Rocky… nobody wants to be a “paper champion”. :slight_smile:

No such thing. Championships are earned. All of them. They rarely are the best team on paper anymore. It’s all about getting hot and hitting your stride at the right time and a little luck.

Should we cancel the Final Four when the 3rd #1 seed are knocked out?

That’s basically what you’re saying…not worth playing anymore. It’s a paper champion now. show me all the championship matchups that had the #1 vs. #2 regular season teams in the final.

That may happen what, 1% of the time in sports?

You win the final, you ARE the best. No one can take that from you. Because no one else could stop you. Because they didn’t.

(Mic drop)

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