New York Comic Con Tickets

It’s Con season and the three big cons for me are SDCC, Boston and NYCC

I got my email this morning for tickets to NYCC 2019 going on sale this Wednesday. Yes, I’m excited !

Who else is planning on attending?

The CHU crew (myself, Poyo, Tyson B, and even Blind Adam) will be in attendance. Be on the look out. Would love to do a beer gathering.

Yup, press badge was approved weeks ago. My flights and hotel are booked…

Would love to setup a beer or pub gathering. Maybe we can setup a time and place a few weeks ahead to get other CHU readers/visitors who are attending to meetup… :slight_smile:

I’m down for that. All we need is a place an an excuse to slip past the old lady and baby :grinning:

I don’t plan on going to comicon, but maybe I’ll just show up to the bar!

Done the metro north train in/out a few times for some NYC evening excursions…the 2 hrs train ride back is good for sobering up…

Heck yeah…

Poyo, what are your thoughts on the NBA championship series thus far? Any predictions for tonight w KD being back in Oaklands lineup?

I think it’s too late for Golden State, KD won’t save them. I’d be surprised if they pull off a win tonight but Raptors won’t lose 3 in a row, no way.

Despite neither being my team, I was rooting for Raptors but either winning doesn’t affect me. I was pulling for the Raptors since they’ve never made it this far. If my team isn’t in it, I usually go for the underdogs… or well, in this case the team without a championship since Warriors are plagued with injuries.

I’m just happy it’s not Houston. I don’t like Harden, that flopping bearded man… all he does is flop his way to the free throw line… he’s the MVP of acting and his style of play will never win him a championship. And Chris Paul sucks too… probably two of my top 5 most disliked players in the NBA.

The sucky thing though is, even if Raptors win, there’s a good chance Kawhi isn’t sticking around. He’s made it clear he wanted to end up in L.A.

I think there’s a high chance he’s a Clipper cause I know he doesn’t want to be a Laker while LeBron is there.

But winning a championship could keep him a Raptor for another year or two.

I just want to know if JC was cheering when KD went down…

I hope not. That was pretty crappy of Toronto fans. They lost a little bit of respect from me for doing that. In fact, I’m now hoping the Warriors pull off the win now due to that.

Now if Toronto wins it all, was it because Durant was out and Thompson missed a crucial finals game as well? I know those players would rather have the opposing team all healthy and playing, it makes their possible championship more valid by actually beating the best, not beating the best with half the stars missing.

But clearly Durant shouldn’t have been playing, he wasn’t a 100% and now he’s risked more by possibly tearing his Achilles.

I will say all that injury/missed game hypotheticals don’t matter. Part of being a Champion is staying healthy and having your star players be there when you need them…or overcoming adversity. You can’t do that, you don’t deserve to be champion.

Championships are never handed to you. I don’t care what the situation may be. Except if your the Patriots and you cheat or the opposing coach decides to throw the ball on the last play of the game from the one yard line instead of running it in with their star power money running back.:wink:

Woooo back up there kemosabi… Patriots dont cheat. We win

Go Blues …

Understood but the cheering when a person gets injured is pretty low if you ask me. Now I’m rooting for the Warriors just because of that… shitty fans don’t deserve to watch their team win a championship if you ask me! :stuck_out_tongue:

Remember…Phily boo’d Santa…

That’s okay, Santa isn’t real… (sorry kids, I hate to break the news)… :wink:

Seconded! Love me STL Blues!

I believe the whole ‘Toronto cheered’ when KD went down is completely blown out of proportion. I believe it is the American media attempting to shine this loyal, fervid fan bases passion in a bad light. The Raptors fan base and passion for the team is unparalleled in the league. I believe the majority of the fan base was not aware what exactly was happening on the floor at the time of the injury. It was compounded by the fact that KD was jawing at VanVleet only a few short moments before. The few fans that were raucous, had quickly changed their tune when they realized what was happening. KD was coming back from a right calf strain. He went to the floor holding his right calf area. I believe those fans that were initially cheering believed he had aggravated that calf strain. The fan base was percolating due to the significance of the moment and the game. Its not as if KD was booed off of the floor and razzed non stop. All the fans in that Arena were clapping in support of KD as he left the floor. I guarantee if Kawhi went down in Oracle, that the initial response of the fans would be to cheer. That is competitive human nature.
And for the record, I did not ‘cheer’ when KD went down, but I wont lie, a smile did come across my face when I saw him go down. I thought he reaggravated his calf from coming back to quickly.

I also think that Toronto still has this series in their grasp. GS only won the 1st quarter in game 5. They needed KD to do that. Toronto will not be distracted by that game 5 loss. The team will remain focused and will take game 6 in Oakland, tomorrow.