Newest LEGO Star Wars Helmet Collection Sets on Pre-Order

Darth Vader" Helmet

Scout Trooper" Helmet

And not a helmet but still pretty cool model set of the Imperial Probe Droid":


I love how they each show you their piece remover too. Like, who doesn’t have an entire bin of those things?

Hah, you know if they don’t show it, people are gonna ask if it comes with one. :wink:

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They actually are a huge item to have when you’re taking sets apart to store. Those that don’t buy bigger sets probably have never used them and their fingers and nails have suffered for years not knowing the dark side trick!

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Never had Legos grown up. I was just introduced to them about 7 years go when my oldest started to want them. I just used to bite them to split them apart. What is this dark side trick you speak of? :thinking:

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Haha just the orange remover.