Newkadia 33% off

In case anyone likes a semi decent deal, 33% off everything including things that say no coupon until 7/27…code is rx33…I say semi decent because their prices are all over the place but books are always in excellent shape and shipped fast fwiw.

I think I have only ever bought from them a few times. One thing I Like about New Kadia was in the past they used to include little grading slips with what they thought the comic was graded at. I used to make blank copies of their slips and use them for older books I would purchase so I had a good idea of grade and value.

I don’t buy from Newkadia anymore. I bought from them several times and the books were always way over-graded and packaging was horrible. Bagged and boarded books put into a box with plenty of wiggle room for the books to get all dinged up with impact creases. When you pick up the box and the books easily slide around it’s not a good sign.