Newsstand Astonishing X-Men

I was sorting my comics and found I had 10 random issues of Astonishing X-Men that are newsstand copies. I thought @ToddW might be interested. They are 8.0 at best, some are 7.0 I would say. They are newsstand though! I can take some pics if wanted for you, Todd.

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Thanks for thinking of me. Yeah send some pics and I’ll take a look at them.

Everytime I’m at a shop and find a newsstand, I now know to just snap a pic, see if you’re interested… and it’s even better if you respond before I even make the purchase. :wink:

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Here there are at IMGUR!

I have all those newsstand already, multiples for sine of them. I wouldn’t offer more than a buck or two apiece max.

I was gonna ask for maybe 20 bucks, shipped–which is basically a bit under 2 bucks a apiece. It seems we had the same idea. If you want them for that you’re welcome to them!

Yeah, but it’ll have to wait til Friday if that works for you? I can send through PayPal then and I’ll just need your PayPal email.

Friday is fine, I’m not in any rush. I can private message you for us to work out details!

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Got the books and they were well packaged. Thanks again.

Hey, look at that. Looks like a Happy Sale on the forums. Cheers!

If the sellers ever want to close a For Sale posting they had so make sure people are aware, let me or @Anthony know.

Or you can always find a nice “Sold” image to slap in the thread to let others know the item is no longer available. :slight_smile:

Glad you’re happy, @ToddW and those ideas are good @agentpoyo

Or they could read the thread.

Haha… ummm… one could only wish people actually read all the comments in a topic. :wink:

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If I comment on a thread I’ve read it. Feel free to close it.

I’m that weirdo that reads every comment on every topic. Even on the main site lol.

I can’t say the same for main site but I do believe I’ve read every comment and post here on the forums. It’s also just part of the job as admin/moderator as well.