Newsstand Death of the Family

Thought these two might interest @ToddW as they are newsstand variants. They are from when DC was doing that, “Death of the Family,” event. The Direct Market version had the little Joker mask that flipped over the faces (like a lenticular cover, kinda). The newsstand variants did not have the mask attached. Kind of interesting. I had these sitting around and dug them out while doing some cleaning of my shelves. Any interest, Todd?

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I like that Babs cover. I’m interested if Todd is not, @davidbitterbaum. :+1:

Yeah thanks for thinking of me but I’m taking a break from comics and focusing on getting bags, boards and boxes.

Todd has passed so you can have Babs if you want @jcLu!

I have PM’d you, @davidbitterbaum.

I have responded!