Newsstand version vs Direct version

Newbie question.

The Newsstand version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures 1 Cgc 9.8 just sold for $2800 vs the direct version $500-$600. I understand the Newsstand version is rarer but does it justify the 5 times the price of a regular copy. Is there any data on % of newsstand vs direct copies?


There is a very basic analysis. But I believe it references Marvel. I think it’s on a website Rare Comics. Newsstand issues became rare in mid-90s. And particularly rare from 2000 onwards.

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With this particular book, the fact that it was more geared towards children (being an Archie book et al), it stands to reason that there are not many high grade newsstands around, relative to it’s direct counterpart. Whether that commands a 5x increase in value over the direct counterpart is up to the market.

There is no consensus on direct/newsstand publications, but there is a lot of evidence to be found that lends credence to the fact that high grade newsstands are indeed rarer than their direct counterparts. Each era, year, publisher and book is kinda unique in their own right. The data is out there for you to make an informed decision on any given book.

Newsstands from when that comic came out are not all that rare…High grade copies are probably harder to come by but 5x the price? Well, if someone wants to pay that, more power to them.

The large premiums for newsstands especially pre modern are a bit perplexing to me. I think a lot of collectors and sellers out there see huge sales for newsstand versions of Ultimate Fallout #4, Edge of Spiderverse #2 and Clone Wars #1 and think the same percentage premium will fall on all newsstand keys.

Who knows, maybe that trend will become a permanent fixture in comic collecting. I wouldn’t mind since I have a bunch of keys from the copper age that are newsstand but I’m not sure. I can see a bit of a realization that older newsstands aren’t the super rare gold mine some think.

I do think copper age to late 90’s newsstands are more difficult to come by in 9.6/9.8 but up to five times what the same grade direct version goes for? I don’t know if that percentage will hold up. I can see a slow correction on some newsstand key prices as time goes on. We’ll see on that.

It already is. CBCS recognizes newsstand vs. direct in just about all modern comics.

It’s been going that direction for at least 5 years now…maybe even longer.

Maybe but I meant the trend of a very large premium compared to that of direct market mostly in regard to copper age where there was pretty much a 50/50 split between both versions distributed.

Anything past 2000 that is a key and a newsstand I can see significantly more demand. Again, it could just be how the collecting market is evolving or just part of the craziness from the past year. I’m not 100% convinced a copper 9.8 newsie is worth up to 5x a direct though.

As JcLu pointed out for the TMNT A #1 since the comic was geared toward kids and most kids would have gotten the book at the local drug store or the Local B Daltin/ Walden Books at the mall it could be because there are very few in that grade and there will always be very few.

I will say even if some of the premiums come back down to earth I do think Newsstands will gain in popularity over the years. I would just advise newer collectors not to rush in on any copper newsie variants if the price is hyper inflated. I am also glad CBCS is listening to the market and classifying them. I wish CGC would do the same. Does PGX?