NHL 2019 Hockey Action!

Hockey season is here! If you are a comic book fan that happens to enjoy some hard hitting pro Hockey share your thoughts on what’s gong on around the NHL!

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Since the NFL page has done so well I figured why not see if there are enough NHL fans on CHU to get a good Hockey conversation going!.

I’ll start… My team, the Ducks have had a great start (4-1)! Hope they can keep it up but they have been taking to many penalties (as usual) and really need that elite scorer that is the cornerstone of most championship caliber teams. Been a few years since the Ducks have had that one guy that nobody wants to go up against. Anyway, a lot of good young talent on the team but it is yet to be seen how they will do over an entire season. Getz is still a work horse and if healthy will do his fair share! Gibson, if he stays healthy could very well take this team right back to the playoffs! A bunch of "if"s but a bunch of potential as well. For the Ducks this is one of those no stress seasons where a playoff run isn’t a guarantee and they are in a mini re-build so if they do well and above prediction it is just a big bonus. Personally, I think there is a lot of upside with the youth coming in. Will be a fun season.

I enjoy hockey! It is the one sport I somewhat follow! Last season was amazing for us in Saint Louis as the Blues went from dead-last in January to Stanley Cup Champions! Now, as the playoffs and Stanley Cup is like adding-on a whole third of a season I know realistically that is tiring and the Blues probably won’t pull that off again, which is fine. Last season was just so wild, after all. The season so far seems pretty good, with me a little surprised how bad San Jose has been doing, but its early so who knows?

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Yeah, Saint Louis last year was one for the ages! Will be tough for them to repeat but ya never know!

LEAFS fan here. No need to make fun it’s awful enough enduring it as it is. I’m here at ground zero for hockey in Canada and I’m 40 something years young and we haven’t even came close to winning anything, ever… Even a broken clock is right twice a day ya feel me?? I doubt this year will be any different than any other year. But I’m loyal, and was born in a blue jersey, so screw it. GO LEAFS!! Enjoy the season everyone… :maple_leaf:


That’s how it should be. I’m not really loyal to any hockey team but I will say, in the early 90s when the Mavericks were just awful, they had a hard time giving tickets away, I was there… rooting them on no matter! :slight_smile:

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Loyalty matters. Agreed one thousand percent. It makes it that much sweeter when it happens. I’m a huge basketball guy, I was a CELTICS fan in the 80’s watching Bird and McHale. We had no team here in Canada. When we finally got one in '95 not many people were into it, I’m from Toronto so I felt kind of obligated…

I supported anyways, basketball here in Canada and the RAPS. Watching what happened here over 25 years was incredible. Your MAVS will have there time POYO. Your championship will be that much greater for patient supporters like yourself…:trophy:

Well, I still live out the 2011 Mavs Championship… it was sweet cause it got our revenge from the 2006 blunder of a Finals (yes, I still think it was rigged, even the ref who went to jail for throwing games says it was rigged) against the Heat and it was against the better team too, loved watching LeBron, Wade and Bosh cry when they lost to Dirk and his boys…


I agree ATLANTA looks great. The west is brutal but I can see your MAVS being champs again shortly if they keep making all these smart moves… Be interesting to see where you guys are at for trade deadline do you have cap space??

Not sure off top of my head about cap space. I could only see them doing some smaller moves if they decide to trade this year.

Makes sense. There’s 3 teams just in CALI putting all there money down this year for the chip… The west is a dogfight, but I wouldn’t count out the east either. We’ll see. Makes for great basketball. Great chatting be well POYO thx man…

I hear ya! Still wish the Ducks could have kept Anderson. He’s got six wins already and isn’t even doing all that great by what he is capable of. Some really good players of the Leafs. Very early but if the season ended right now they would be in the playoffs. I don’t follow them regularly at all but it seems they just need a little more depth. Not much, just a little.

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Andersen was a seldom great trade our franchise rarely has. I’ve had him on my fantasy team for two entire seasons now. He’s a work horse, just awesome. How are your ducks looking this year haven’t seen a game yet?

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The Ducks… Not bad this year. Looking like they have a chance at the playoffs. Some days they look fantastic other days barely a pro club. More good days than bad so far. They have a lot of really good young talent that are getting a look and some pretty good young veterans. The main thing that is hurting them is most of the old guy contracts that are dragging on their cap. Getz is still a workhorse so his is still worth it for the most part but some others…not so much. In two or three more seasons when the Ducks have twenty plus million off the books from just a handful of contracts, the young veterans will be in their prime and the young talent that panned out will be going strong, the team could be a major contender…Right now a bit of a build up…maybe some surprises along the way, but for the most part really good things are probably a couple years off.

As far as the Anderson trade, it was tough to see him go but Gibson can be flat out incredible if not a bit injury prone. No way they could have kept both.The Ducks did get Sam Steel with the draft pick received in the trade. He has a huge upside! Only three points in ten games as a rookie so far this season but he has a ton of scoring potential and is crazy fast. He played the last month of last season and Started pretty slow but the last two weeks he was on fire! Hopefully it turns out to be one of those trades that favored both sides…Right now it certainly has favored the Leafs.

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Not the biggest hockey fan, but you gotta do something in between football games. Go Avs. We were doing really good, but we cant watch the games because Altitude sports and Comcast or Direct tv are having some sort of dispute. Oh well highlight reels it is. @agentpoyo can we get an avs emoji? I saw the nuggets one, now we just need the avs. Thanks in advance.

Avs have a pretty good team! Too bad you can’t watch many of them right now.

Yeah, I’ll have to work on the NHL and other sports emojis to add.

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I’ve been watching RYAN GETZLAF since he was a junior on the CALGARY HITMEN (WHL CANADA). Dude is a natural born leader and has an incredible work ethic, very loyal as well. I’m pretty sure the ducks have had that guy for his whole career! What a score for Anaheim no wonder they made him captain… He’s been on at least two gold medal Canada teams as well, dude’s a stud. Even as an older player he still contributes huge and having that kind of leadership is priceless IMO… He’s and instant HOF candidate no question.

I’ll keep an eye on your ducks now you’ve got me curious… :+1: