Nicolas Cage's Comic Book Collection

Everyone knows Nic Cage is the greatest actor in the world. What many people don’t know is that he is an avid comic collector. He took the last name “Cage” as an homage to Luke Cage, and of course, he named his son Kal-El…which is awesome. Anyway, unfortunately, not everyone loves Nic as an actor, and he’s not raking in the dough like he used to. Does anybody know what kind of collection he has as of now? I know he had to sell off his copy of Action Comics #1 and he got around 2 million for it. So, if there are any other Nic fans who know the scoop on his collection, I’d be interested in getting that scoop.

P.S. Not the Bees!


He has the highest graded action comics #1 it was stolen and recovered 10 years later in a storage unit, don’t know how much he had to pay the insurance company to get it back because they already paid a settlement on it or if he even got it back. He doesn’t need to take in any dough he’s got Godfather kinda money lol.


He sold everything a few years ago w Heritage. I heard he’s been collecting again after fixing his tax problems (ha)

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Ughh… he had Godfather money. Last I heard Cage was a huge over spender. He didn’t think about his purchases. The man bought 20 million dollar castles not realizing that he’d have to pay taxes each year on them and maintenance, etc. He bought fossils that were well over paid as well… the guy is a true American… buy now, pay later mentality… he’s got impulse issues and money management issues for sure.

So yes, this is why you see Nicholas Cage take any job thrown his way and most of his shit goes straight to DVD cause he’s trying to make up for all the stupid shit he’s bought over the years… He can’t command the 20 million per film like he once could.

He’s like MC Hammer… I’m worth 40 million so I can buy that 30 million dollar home right? Wrong…


He’s what I’d call a wealthy hoarder for sure…

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