Nintendo’s Next Console Leaked

Sounds more like a slightly advanced Switch than much of a brand-new console. I am curious though.

The word PRO is the new EXTREME of this decade

Hmm I wonder if they will make more use of it than they did the last time they did this (with the 3ds > new 3ds). They made like 5 games that could only be played on the new 3ds, so pointless. I don’t like how Nintendo does these generation.5 things to their consoles, makes it way too confusing for normal people to differentiate systems and which ones can play the games that are meant for that generation.

They already have the switch lite so I imagine the new pro will have a 4K screen and better frame rate but play the same games in an upgraded version. Like the Xbox series X is just playing upgraded Xbox 1 games.

Probably a better VR experience with the upgraded screen and specs

Also Nintendo is going to stop making the 3Ds. Plus they are going to make OEM parts more available for the switch since a lot of times the joycon got damaged.

I agree. I’m not a fan of the .5 consoles either with the Pro’s, Lite’s, Slim’s, etc. I’m curious to see if this is just a .5 console or a completely new console that has a long life span and not just a stop gap for a brand new console launch 2-3 years down the road :confused: