Nintendo Switch

Maybe… what do we want to ask it? How much will Darth Vader #3 with Doctor Aphra first appearance be worth when Doctor Aphra makes it to Disney+?



Basically saying “grass is green”. Kudos on this experiment!

Ask it if a cameo is considered a first appearance.

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We already know that answer, of course it is.

Asked this instead, which confirms a cameo is an “appearance”… :wink:

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We should start talking about Nintendo Switch again… so we’re not hijacking the topic.

And there you have it. No more room for debate.

AI has spoken.

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Actually, I guess I could have just asked chatGPT about the Switch.

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Who needs the internet now or other people when you can just ask ChatGPT now for everything. Pretty soon you won’t even need friends.

We’ve never NEEDED friends. They just are nice to have!