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Hey All, my 7yo daughter is REALLY getting into video games. My next door neighbor and also another good friend both bought Nintendo Switch for their kids as well. If any of you have that console for your kids, any pros and cons I should be thinking about?

Also, there’s a rumor that on 03/10 they’ll be bundling the Switch with Super Mario Odyssey , and “something related to [the] upcoming Super Mario Movie .”

I don’t know anything about Super Mario Odyssey. Would it be worth the wait? Thanks!

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I have a switch. I love it. My 9 year old also has one. I can’t say I play either of the Mario games though. I play a lot of Fortnite, the Friday the 13th game, and some other things like Mortal Kombat 11 and maybe some Mario Kart. Also play Minecraft with my son.

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Anything mario is worth the wait. I have the Smash Bros Swich and I paid $200 when it came out. Now used its worth a little bit more.

First thing you should buy is the screen protectors. Make sure they are temper glass style and also a sleve. Cuz man little hands are very dirty lol.

You can get her Zelda and Mario games as those in my opinion and my boys are worth it.

Also, go to a used game store and save yourself some $ and buy used.

Oh and make sure you get the warranty as at that age, they console might get damaged within the yr lol. At least that was what happened to me when my youngest was that old.

Hope this helps.


Thanks @Anthony and @Gbess !

I’m really itching to get it now, but I’ll try and wait.

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Some kids love to play video-games with friends outside of school. Just be careful letting them play games with strangers. Some can be mean/inappropriate if there is a chat function of any sort in a game.

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Yes, really want to avoid this as well.

Last game I played and finished on Switch was Figment (think you can only buy digital from the Nintendo store), really fun game.

If you like the solving puzzle type games.

Another one was Ori, which was pretty great as well.

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My five year old makes me play the Mario games with him. Definitely some good times with that! One surprise is I had him try the Atari classics collection. Most of the games bore him but he can’t get enough of Maze Craze and Falg Capture in the collection. We’ve been playing a lot of those two. Simple, fun, non-violent two player games.

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I have a Mortal Kombat 3 Arcade 1Up. We spend most of our time playing Joust and Tapper on it.

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Joust is fun and incredibly difficult.

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My son (8) wants to make trains in Minecraft. He seems to want this “Create” mod.

I asked the internet “Can you add mods to Minecraft on Nintendo Switch?”

The internet said “Unfortunately, you cannot add mods to Minecraft on Nintendo Switch .”

Is this true? As you can tell, I’m not a gamer.

Hope this helps. My boys have been playing that game for a while.

ChatGPT answered your question:

"Creating mods for Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch is possible, but it requires some technical expertise and knowledge of programming. The Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft is based on the Bedrock Edition, which supports add-ons, mods, and custom content. However, the process of creating and installing mods on the Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft is not as straightforward as on other platforms such as PC.

To create mods for Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch, you need to use a tool such as Add-Ons Maker for Minecraft or Universal Minecraft Editor to create your mods. These tools allow you to create custom skins, blocks, items, and other game elements using a graphical interface.

Once you have created your mod, you need to transfer it to the Nintendo Switch console. This requires modifying the game files on the console, which can be risky and may void your warranty. There are various methods to transfer mods to the Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft, including using a USB drive or connecting the console to a computer.

It’s important to note that modding is not officially supported by Nintendo or Minecraft, and it can potentially harm your console or compromise its security. Additionally, using mods on multiplayer servers may result in a ban or other penalties. Therefore, it’s essential to understand the risks and limitations of modding before attempting to create or install mods on the Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft."

He says he can’t find the mod (Create Mod?) in the marketplace. I’ve looked for him too. When I couldn’t find it is when I asked the internet.

I did see there were ways of hacking into the switch, but I think it was potentially a hazard to the device….

The closest thing I did see was something about using these mods on another device (iPad) and then joining that character in that world from the switch…then killing the iPad character and “taking over” essentially.

I’m paraphrasing a lot here because I really no clue how to do all that…I haven’t even figured out how to let him play online with his cousins yet…

I guess I can’t call you “turd muffin” or anyone else that any longer… :face_holding_back_tears:


Ok. Let me ask him and see if he can describe a step by step on doing that

Haha. You got served by AI!

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I believe Minecraft on the PC can have all kinds of mods. You will be heavily limited with a console version.

This is what he said

The Create Mod seems to be a Java only mod, meaning you cant get it for the switch even if you hack it. I wouldnt recommend hacking it anyway as it is hazardous to the device. This is the only disappointing part about Bedrock Edition is that you cant really mod the game as you can with Java. So the only thing you can really do is look for another mod similar to it on the Marketplace, sorry

Similar to the Create Mod*


First instance of chatGPT in CHU??? Will chatGPT start spec’ing?

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