No New Comic Discount- Discuss

If I want it I’ll buy it. The discounts don’t matter to me. I cut a lot of my tfaw purchases down, not because of discount, just stopped getting those ratio variants. I support my lcs more than anything. They did give me a better discount, but had to tone it back some due to increase in shipping costs (I live out of state), and just general increases. I still go through them. If the smaller comic shops go away, then the hobby will slowly go also.

I’ve drastically cut down the new books I buy, but without a discount, the only competitive difference that leaves a retailer is their customer service and book condition. Risky game to play, particularly for online retailers when the comics’ condition can be damaged in transit.


Unknown comics gives a preorder discount and free shipping if you hit over $100 for your order. Plus, all comics come bagged and boarded automatically. Hard to beat that. I use them a lot. Everything I have ordered from M&M has had dings and bends. Done with them. Thanks to this site, I have started using TWAF and Villains Gaming. My local shop gives no discounts but you do get “back issue bucks”. Problem is, all back issues are inflated beyond market value. Also, they tend to under order and not have all the variants. I have to “spread it around” to get everything I want, but saving 25 to 30% really adds up month after month.

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