Not comic/pop culture related! :)

So since the topic was GENERAL (For all the things that aren’t comic or pop culture related, those go here.) I figured I’d vent… no actually not… who out there is old school and still buys cds or has mp3s on the comp?

I am on leave from work, I got a hernia and surgery is scheduled I’m not supposed to lift per doc orders. Yeah it hurts… but Thursday I get operated on… but anyhoo During my down time I have been organizing some of my Music files, just wondering if anyone does music on a desktop/pc/laptop

Not since 2005 :rofl:


I buy vinyl that usually includes digital version (download or stream with Amazon which also gives me access to download).

I will pull down music or rip older CD’s I may still own to put on my standalone mp3 player to use when traveling (as you never know if wifi or internet will be accessible).

While at home though, I listen to vinyl if I own it.


Good luck on Thrusday!


Yup, gonna need it but perhaps we should be telling the doctor performing “good luck”… Your life is in his hands… But kidding aside, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a hernia operation go wrong, you’ll be fine and back to listening to your mp3s on your computer… :slight_smile:


Right… sometimes I like to go to the middle of the woods and just listen to some tunes while I fish…

I’ll be msging you or something down the road. :slight_smile:


Is hernia surgery out patient these days?

I had it when I was 8 or so…my brother too, same time/day. I think we were born with them or something genetic.

But this being nearly 40 years ago we stayed overnight. We had some pretty bad nausea…which was the worst part of it all…and the removal of stitches weeks later. But I’m sure they have those dissolving ones now.

Anyway, enjoy!

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I have my music collection in MP3 form on my laptop. I switched away from the Apple cult 2 years ago, and trying to recover all that music from iTunes, back into regular MP3 files was a nightmare, but oh so very worth getting out of Apple.

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I’ll be in an out same day. I’m anxious to get back to work though even though I’m on restrictions of carrying certain amount of lbs. Had to use some of my vacation time

Costco is good to me.

Aside from collecting comics, and writing, I’ve found that going to Goodwill has turned on my creative juices and very therapeutic for me. I use to buy jerseys and flip them but they’ve gotten expensive there. I buy books, cds ($1). Mostly compilations, I really don’t discriminate what I buy abd I buy a lot. Swing-Big Band…Oldies, Rock… Best of, etc etc… I’ve stayed away from classical and Christian but yeah, I got a lot… I like having the artwork display when I play it on my mp3 player or phone…

I’ve been ripping the cds and dumping it all on an 8 TERAbyte. I have a 400GB mini SD that I’ll soon pop on to my phone. My phone has a 128GB Mini sD not even half filled with music. Sometimes I have to fix the properties but it’s been keeping me busy…

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Yeah, buried the lead here! Good luck!

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I’ve been trying to find the time and get motivated to rip all my old DVD’s and such to put on a Plex server so I can go dump them all at Half Price, then I can setup to stream from anywhere I have the app installed on my phone or tablet with internet. :slight_smile:

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My brother had this thing where he put them on Vudu for like $2 a title or something like that… I dunno it was a while ago.

I think I’ve seen that before as well. I use Vudu on movies I may buy (kids normally want to own them) so we redeem so we can download and watch from the app on their tablets on vacations.

jejeje It’s all good.

I’m see’ing who does the mp3 thing still…

I’m going to hit them all up for copies of their music… I got flashes to send out!
If they want a copy of everything I got, I got no problems passing it back either.

I like buying cassette tapes.

I had hernia surgery in August of 2020. Wish you the best!

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I am still a physical media guy. I buy CD’s, records, cassettes and a LOT of DVD’s. I have quite a collection of movies and TV shows.

Any shelf with DVD’s on it is double layered too, so there is twice as much and is visible.


Multiple moves where I had to abandon my stuff, a couple crashes computers. Stolen CDs out of my cars, broken iPods, and the ubiquity of streaming music services have no rendered my mp3 library down to zilch.

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yeah cds stolen from car… some crackheads house… grrrr

Last night I was going to post up MY FOC List that I was to bring in to the comic store this morning but I didn’t cause I didn’t hit save… and then today I had to go to my work to get paper work how I’m going on leave for my hernia surgery tomorrow morning and pick up meds for after my surgery but they were not ready yet…

When it was all over my ride (I’m in pain so I’m not driving currently) took me to the LCS so I could get my prepays which there was only 1… Star Wars Insider Fiction Volume 1. It is a hardback but my GF said the artwork inside is beautiful. I wanted to pick up 4 copies of Children of the Atom 2nd print and the 1:25 Joker #2 but it was past 3pm and well it was gone. Batman Scooby was gone, lots of stuff… out… but I did get my Star Wars Insider Book… It is a hardcover.

Basically it is "short stories starring familiar characters such as Han Solo, Princess Leia, Lando Calrissian and Darth Vader, this collection also includes tales featuring supporting characters such as Darth Plagueis, Hondo Ohnaka, Captain Rex, and Darth Revan.*

Featuring renowned best-selling Star Wars authors including Jason Fry, Matthew Stover, John Ostrander, and Paul S. Kemp, this volume also includes stunning art from some of the sagas [sic] best-loved interpreters, including Joe Corroney, Brian Rood, Jan Duursema, and Magali Villeneuve".