Nova #1

Seeing a pretty significant increase on this one lately. In a CGC 9.8 grade, this was a $1k book for a long while that popped up to $1200 in January and now in the $1700-$1800 range. I know there has been recent MCU speculation, but he’s been “on the list” for years.

Marvel Point One (Sam Alexander) has been moving as well.

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id bet of sam, seems like a safer bet with kamala and miles going live action. the 1:100 will be a big book only like 41 9.8s on census. none listed on ebay for like 4-5 months


I know that varied Youtube and media folks can’t influence “everyone”…but this book was highlighted a few days ago on a pretty popular Youtube channel as being one of 10 hot books to grab now. They really emphasized the variant of this as well…but this book in general.

May be source of some of the sudden increased interest.


The 1:100 will be a big book, the regular version has a print run north of 100k. Should be a lot of 9.8’s out of that group. The 70’s #1 will keep steadily climbing. I bought one about 6 years ago, same time as Eternals #1.

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Man this book has been mentioned for months on CBSI, pressable defects, go collect, comic tom damn near any YouTube that talks comic spec. The added bump can be a recent episode but this was on those lists way back. Had sales spike back then.


Was a $300 9.8 a year and a half ago

I find it hard to believe that anyone would buy a book based on the recommendation of a YouTuber. I know it happens all the time, I just can’t see why. :man_shrugging:

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Why would anyone list copies on Ebay in the past 5 months ? Not the time to sell.

list and over price that way when news hits yours is on there even if you dont hear the news first

Financial emergency? Not a speculator looking to maximize potential profits?..

I can think of few reasons.
Not everyone who buys, or sells, comics is an ardent speculator/investor. Jus’ sayin’. :man_shrugging:

Sometimes I’ll just want to move inventory…if I don’t particularly care about a character and just want to move a book to make some money to fund a book I really want I’ll price it to sell quickly.

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I very much do the same. If I’m reading a mini or maxi, or even a new series, or dollar bin finds, and I don’t really enjoy it, it immediately goes up on eBay at a much discounted price. Get it out the door. I don’t need to carry it around for the next 20 years of my life.