NOVA movie/tv show project

I’m all for this!

I have one really nice copy of Nova #1 1976 (Rider) and Nova #1 Newsstand and (2) ComicsPro 2013 (Alexander). I’m happy with either or both

Listed my 9.0, 9.2, and 9.4’s – it’d be nice if those pop off.

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Well hope you’re ready for Eve Bakian.

Locked and loaded…


some one has that 1:100 9.8 on ebay for 8k, i have one too so fingers crossed


I love first appearance ratios but not a big fan if they are not on the cover but on the regular cover. I’m sure someone buys these for thousands of dollars like the Kamala Khan Marvel Point One 1:75 but I imagine the number of potential buyers isn’t as high as could be with a good cover with the new character and not a sketch of another incentive variant.

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Considering I paid about $50 raw and had it graded a 9.8, I’m not going to quibble over who or what is on the cover. I’ll take it all day long…

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with only 53 9.8s on the cgc census, it doesnt take much to make the price move

That should go in that new, “That’s What She Said,” thread that @D-Rog made!