November Walmart Packs

Here are the different Walmart releases this month. Sorry for sub-par pics. I only took the Miles Champions one. I’m not the type to destroy or spend time trying to peek or guess the other books. Not worth the effort or time. I’ll leave that to super spec sleuths (how’s that for alliteration).


Is that Jazz Hands Silver Surfer on the Fantastic Four cover?


I mentioned this in the other Walmart packs thread. But, after a little investigating, here are the covers listed above from what I can tell:

Iron Man 1 - Walmart exclusive
Black Widow 1 - standard A cover
Shang Chi 1 - Walmart exclusive
Champions 1 - Walmart exclusive
Black Widow: widow’s sting 1 - Walmart exclusive
Ultraman 1 - standard A cover
X of Swords 1 - Walmart exclusive
Fantastic Four 24 - standard 2nd print

From the chatter I’ve noticed, no one is finding anything of value with the internal books. IMO, the Champions and Shang Chi are probably the only ones that look interesting.


First appearance of Jazz Hands.

Silver Jazzer.

Black Widow 1 is a Walmart Exclusive. The background is dark blue instead of black (and no UPC on the front).

While the Fantastic Four #24 one is extremely similar to the 2nd print. The Walmart one has no UPC on it. In my opinion this book is being slept on. It has a small story from the amazing Thor run. It also has, and please correct me if I am wrong, the first appearance of the Fortnite portal.

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Is it safe to assume ALL Walmart pack visible issues are inherently different from their direct edition counterpart, even if it’s just a bar code or something?

I think the only one we haven’t confirmed is different is Ultraman.

For previous packs it was the title color that was different on a lot of them. Like Venom Annual #1 regular the word Venom was red and the Walmart one was white. Likewise for Avengers No Road Home(or whatever that title was) One version was maybe white and the other was gold. Something like they do with 2nd prints at times that ticks us off because we want new art not redone colors!

Id say so. The Ultraman one is also missing the UPC on the front. My guess is, that is the deal Walmart has with the supplier. Front comic is always a unique variant to Wal-Mart, even if it’s only slightly different. The inside books are definitely stock that hasn’t sold or been sitting around in a warehouse.

Now that I think about it, I bet they don’t want any UPCs on the front because somebody could accidently scan that instead of the one on the back.