NYCC 2021 Exclusive Variants

His name and image are owned by a corporation that essentially sued his surviving family into submission. Everything Bob Ross branded is tainted.


I guess itll have to be cousin eddie if i ever break down and purchase one

I have electronic lights and sounds Darth Vader on my shelf in my office. I figure that one is worth something because it actually does something. The cloud city base lights up orange, his chest plate lights up, his lightsaber lights up, his mask makes breathing sounds and his lightsaber hums. Now THAT’s a product, Funko.

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That would be every day for me…

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Save the neck for me, Clark!


Hah, see, I only think about Funko every so often when the’re brought up, hence the “some days”… :wink:

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CBSI + Comic Mint = working together…?..say it aint so…LMAO !!

(we all knew this anyways)

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I wanna know whose spending that crazy money on that deadpool spidey book (cable and deadpool 24)

I bought it for $2 in 2016. Then sold it later for not much more :man_shrugging:

It’s a cute, funny cover, but meh.

Arrived yesterday. Taking a chance.


So apparently Jock’s Son of Kal El was an NYCC exclusive and I never knew it! Anyone know who was selling them at the con?

That’s not the Jock.

This is, and it’s going for around $50 on feebay:

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I’m by no means a fan of this title, but I do think this is maybe Momoko’s best cover. Her covers always seem so random and meandering to me. Like, there was sort of an idea, but then it went elsewhere. This one feels very intentional and planned. It’s really good.

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